Arshid Moti-Ghavanin

I am a 36 year old British – Iranian. I was born in Shiraz , Iran , which is known as the city of Poem and Wine.   In 1996 I was short listed after an entry exam for Civil Aviation Pilot Licensing program in Iran. However, I was unable to get financial support to pursue my dream of flying. That was the end of the line for me to be a pilot, as long as I live in Iran. I immigrated to United Kingdom in 1999. Thursday, September 4th 2003 at 10 AM was my first flight in a Cessna 150 in GTCR . Later on Nov 10th at 1405 I passed my Private Pilot Licence’s test in a marginal VFR weather condition. I met Farhad in a conference in London and we talked about flying cross Atlantic at that time. Later on he called me from US with the idea of flying around the globe. Without any hesitation I accepted the offer. There will no better honor to fly shoulder to shoulder with Farhad in a trip around our green globe with the message of unity, peace and freedom.

Farhad Rostampour

I am a 48 year old Iranian American, and I will be the PIC for our flight around the globe. I was born in Tehran, Iran, and as a child growing up in the inner-city, I always had dreams of flying freely above the clouds. At the age of 41 I had my first hands-on experience in piloting a Diamond aircraft (DA20). I received my Private Pilot License at the age of 43, followed by getting my high performance and complex rating.  I am instrument rated with over 400 hours in F33 Bonanza. I have flown a Diamond (DA20), a Diamond Star (DA40), a Cessna (CE172) and of course my favorite Bonanza (F33). Two years ago, I purchased N266DC, a F33 Bonanza, and just recently equipped her with Tornado Ally Turbo-Normalized system. I am looking forward to the challenge of flying N266DC over the North Atlantic through Europe and Asia and over North Pacific. For this challenging adventure I could not ask for a better pilot to fly with than my good friend Arshid.

Flight Crew