San Francisco

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

After several hours of delay, we landed at San Francisco International. We wanted to over fly a vineyard that is architecturally designed like Persapolice.  We made flight plan to go VFR for the portion of our flight to get lower for a better view.




An Iranian Gentleman how learned about the freedom Flight was waiting at the airport and insisted for us to stay at his home. He was also a pilot.





Long Beech California

Thursday, 12 July 2007


We decided to change our next stop from Hermosillo, Mexico to Long Beach, California .        

There was a TV crow waiting at the airport to cover our flight around the world. After the on site interview at the airport, they requested for us to go to their studio for a one hour live show.




After the show, another station wanted to interview us on their sport program. We did not get much rest that night.



A fellow Iranian pilot who has been following our flight around the world was at the airport to meet us, but due to our delay could not wait. However he picked us up that night and we had a drink together. We had a flight of two on our departure next day.



Friday, 13 July 2007


We left San Francisco for Mexico City this morning, but due to bad weather we had to divert to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at 1 am. 


Liberia, Costa Rico

Sunday, 15 July 2007


To avoid midday cloud built up and the afternoon tropical storm, we departed Mexico at 7 am for a three and half hours of flight to Liberia , Costa Rico. It is beautiful in Costa Rico, as well as rainy weather for the most of the afternoon.



Since we are running one day late, we will fly to Venezuela tomorrow and then direct to Miami on the 17. We will depart Miami on the 18th, and should be home at Greenville, South Carolina by 2 pm on July 18th. I am looking forward to see my family and anxious to get home
.  We now flow 32,136 miles around the earth and only have 2,526 to go. 

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