Mandeliu, France

Monday, 11 June 2007


We filed our flight plan for 8 am departure out of Morocco . We arrived at the airport before 7 am to get fuel and leave for Mandelieu (LFMD), France.


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They told us there are no avgas and we need to go to Rabat airport (GMME). After a short 20 minutes flight, we landed at Rabat and requested fuel. To our surprise they rolled two 55 gallon drums with avegas , and a hand pup to give us fuel.



Our flight to Mandelieu was very smooth at flight level 110, until we got to Eastern part of Spain . It was a little bumpy over the mountain and we lost radio communication due to mountain, but it only lasted about 35 minutes.


Flight over the Mediterranean see was breathtaking. We landed at Mandelieu about 6:45 pm.


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Vienna Austria  

Tuesday, 12 June 2007


We departed Mandelieu on June 12th at 9:45 am. The forecast called for some high clouds and possible thunderstorm on the eastern side of Italy .



Due to high mountains at Italian Alps, we filed our flight plan for level 150 (15000 feet).  In Europe anything over 5000 feet is standard flight level with the altimeter setting of 29.92. They also give you the altimeter setting in Pascal, and you need to convert it to inches of mercury.


As we started to approach central Italy the clouds started to build at higher altitude. That is when we could appreciate our turbo system that allowed us to clime to 20000 feet or flight level 200


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We run into a bit of rain on our final approach, but it was nothing that could deter us from landing in beautiful Vienna .


Vienna is city of rich culture and architecture beauty
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