Berlin, Germany

Thursday, 14 June 2007

We left Vienna about 10 am. We claimed to flight level 140. It was short 1:35 minuets flight with a good tail wind and 205 knot ground speed that puts smile on every pilots face.



Due to cloud coverage over the Tempelhof airport at Berlin we had to shoot an ILS approach. It wasn’t pleasant to shoot this approach, by having an air traffic controller with an attitude.



We took a taxi to visit the Berlin wall.

dsc01655.jpg                                       dsc01659.jpg


We just heard back from our handling agent. It looks like they would not be able to get our landing clearance in Russia on time, unless we pay about $4800 handling fee. We don’t need to land there that bad! We are bypassing Moscow .

You can’t come to Germany and don’t have a Germen beer.  Due to change in our schedule we decided to stay overnight at Berlin and enjoy a cold German tradition. 



It was the night to eat healthy; cantaloupes, watermelon, fresh bread and cheese were our feast.  


Warsaw, Poland

Thursday, 14 June 2007



We left Berlin at 9:30 am for our next destination, Warsaw, Poland . We had high pressure dominating our route and we were expecting a very smooth flight. With 15 knots of tail wind at flight level 110, we pulled the power back to save on fuel, since we had a good tail wind. Our GPS was indicating 189 knots.



Fuel prices were reasonable and the personnel at W.A. services were very helpful.


dsc01713.jpg                                                             dsc01716.jpg

Since we bypassing Moscow, we will stay in Poland and enjoy the city until Saturday and depart for Ankara, Turkey on June 16th .We tried to relax for couple of days at Poland . Warsaw is very modern, and clean. People are friendly and anxious to share their culture.

dsc01758.jpg                                   dsc01767.jpg

We used this opportunity to do laundry.



Finding people who are proud of there culture was not that difficult. Find any authentic Polish restaurant, and you will see people in a large group singing and listing to the live music.


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