On the first anniversary of the Freedom Flight Farhar Rostampour flow the first segment of the original flight route which was completed in 2007. The flight started on June 2nd 2008 from Greenville, SC and arrived at Philadelphia for a visit to Liberty Bell and continued to New York, for a flight over the Statue of Liberty.


This flight was symbolic flight to commemorate Freedom Flight and reiterate its message to encourage the young generation in Iran to bring about changes that seems difficult to achieve; Whether these achievements

are changing the political direction of our country, or changing personal ideology toward the goal of achieving a better future, or striving to compete athletically or technologically with the young generation of other nations.


Our goal is to set June 2nd as a day where every young Iranian focuses on the power of their ability to achieve. This phenomenon in time will change the course of our future and the faith of our nation. We are hopeful that in parallel with the June 2nd flight, our young generation rise to any challenges they believe it to be out of their reach.




Farhad and Arshid became the first Iranian-born pilots to complete a record setting flight around the world in a single engine airplane and the first to start and finish the flight from South Carolina .
The flight around the world was completed as the Freedom Flight taxied to the ramp through two giant streams of water shot over the taxiway by Donaldson Fire Department rescue engines.

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First Iranian-born Pilot to fly around the world

Farhad Rostampour and his co-pilot Arshid Moti-Ghavanin landed shortly after 1 pm, on July 18th 2007, at the Donaldson Jet Center.  They flow 34000 miles around the globe, landed in 21 countries and made 43 landing in major international airports.

VOA interview with Farhad Rostampour(Persian language)     256k      56k

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